Winding Down


Week of September 6, 2010

Dear All,

I got so caught up in the weekend that I just about missed getting this newsletter out to you. It is nice to have a three day weekend – especially when there are weddings and birthdays on two of the three days. Today has been devoted to getting the things done that were neglected the first two days of this weekend.

As I write this the wind is blowing and it seems to be getting cooler. With the cooler weather there is a noticeable slow down in the garden produce; fewer tomatoes, cucumbers and summer squash. The produce that is growing is getting some of those black bugs – we call them picnic bugs – eating the skin. Soon there will be the fall fare – winter squash, sweet potatoes, lettuce etc. I am looking forward to the sweet potatoes; they are one of my favorite vegetables.

This week’s produce:


Raspberries – those who didn’t get them last week

Eggplant – not everyone will receive this week

Green onions


Red potatoes


Green or red or yellow sweet peppers

There are assorted colors of peppers this week. Some of you will be getting green, some red, some chocolate and some banana. They are all sweet peppers. We bring the hot peppers – Serrano and Jalapeno – for you to take if you wish.

The eggplant is maturing in small numbers some of you have received them already, eventually everyone will get eggplant – it may be the classic kind or the long narrow kind or the small purple striped kind.

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