Welcome Spring 2013!


Rolling Acres Farm is gearing up for 2013. We can’t help but wonder what type of year it will be. With the drought of 2012, how will things grow this year? We finally have had several days of good rainy weather. It’s been a bit chilly but we have had nearly an inch and a half of rain. How wonderful can that be especially given that the first round of peas, potatoes and onions have been planted. We were also able to get a cover crop of oats, crimson clover and buckwheat in the ground.

The next couple of weeks will see tomatoes getting planted in our small high tunnel along with other crops in the field as the weather clears. The big project coming up is getting the plastic on our 72 x 30’ moveable high tunnel. We were able to get the structure built last fall but were unable to get the plastic on.


Larry and I are looking forward to learning about how to use our tunnel and how to get the most out of it. We have a little experience with our small tunnel and growing tomatoes but this certainly will be a new adventure.


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