Week Two of the 2010 Season


Good Morning All,This morning as I emptied the rain gauge and added last night’s amount to the rest of the month, I got curious about how much rain we had last June. Here is the tally – the whole month of June 2009 = 5.83 inches, a fair amount in itself! The total we have so far for the month of June is 7.83, exactly two inches more. My goodness. We are lucky we got things in early or we would have pretty empty looking CSA boxes/baskets/bags!I must say it is beginning to wear on all of us. I walked out to inspect things this morning and there are puddles sitting in all the rows. Yesterday Larry and I got up early to pull a few weeds and harvest some produce before it rained. I found out that the spinach is starting to rot at the base of the plant. I have several plantings of spinach, but we desperately need some sunshine.

Pick up will be at the Atlantic Farmer’s Market for all of you but Deb Beiker and Tova. We will try to be in the same “end of the row of vendors ” place every week. Orschlen’s is 1310 E. 7th St. If you have problems call me at 712-249-3197.

This week’s produce includes:
Edible Pod Peas
Green onions
Garlic Scapes
Beet Greens

The broccoli is terrific. Remember to soak the broccoli in salt water for at least twenty minutes. Because we do not use chemical controls on pests some of those pesky little critters will find their way onto the broccoli. The control we do use, bacillus thuringensus, is a biological control that we spray on the plant. When the little worms eat the plants, they ingest the Bt – that causes them to dehydrate. We spray once a week or more often if we are having a lot of rain.

Gwen and Liza, the two summer interns, harvest the veggies the day before and the day of CSA pick up. They do a first wash or a rinse on most items of produce.  We recommend that you do a thorough washing of the veggies as you receive them. Many resources recommend that we do not wash potatoes, carrots and other root crops because they store better.

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