Sweet Corn Is Ready!


Week of July 12, 2010

Dear All,

Gwen, Liza and I worked outside all morning to get a good start on Monday morning chores. We worked outside until it started raining, again!

Larry and I took a quick trip to Colorado last week to see our daughter and her family and left the farm to our great interns. When we returned on Saturday night, we arrived just in time for another rain storm. There was just over an inch of rain in the gauge.  Predictions are for a hot week and maybe more rain. Oh my.

So far we have been pretty lucky with the rain, but that luck may be running out. Our raspberries are looking quite sad. These berries produce starting the last week of August. Right now a many of the plants are dying. I have been in touch with Paul Domoto at ISU and he tells me that they may have Phytophthora root rot that is caused by several related species of soilborne fungi belonging to the genus Phytophthora. He told me the same thing happened in 1993 with the heavy amount of rain Iowa experienced. We will do our best to work to keep them healthy, but it looks like a short crop this year.

Now for the good news! The sweet corn is ready. So are the purple beans and wax beans. The green beans are a little slower than these two but I am sure that you will delight in having fresh beans on your plates. When/if you cook the purple beans, you may be disappointed that they turn plain old green.

We picked the first ripe tomato from the hoop house yesterday. The others are coming along – they just need a little more sunshine. The deer continue to eat the beets. To some of you, that probably is not so bad, but for those of you who really like beets, I know this is a disappointment. I have been succession planting them – maybe our “dear” friends will tire of them.

This week’s produce:

Sweet Corn

Purple or Yellow Beans





Mark your calendar for our upcoming CSA Field Day – Saturday, July 31, 2010 from noon until 3:00. We will start with a potluck lunch at Harrisdale Homestead and then come up to the farm for a short tour and discussion. We would love to see you all come.

Until Next Week……


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