Storing Potatoes

We have been giving you a lot of potatoes lately. I hope that you are able to use them or at least store them. The way the upcoming weather looks, it may be time to think about soup. Here are a couple of storage tips:

  • Before storing the potatoes, put them in a paper bag with holes in it. Avoid using plastic bags, as they tend to increases condensation and thus, lead to development of mold.
  • Potatoes should always be stored at a place which is cool, dark and has lots of ventilation. One of the best options is to store the potatoes in a root cellar.
  • Avoid storing the potatoes in a pantry, as it may lead to their sprouting and dehydration.
  • Potatoes should not be in the refrigerator, especially below a temperature of 7 deg C. This is because below this temperature they develop a sweet taste and get darkened when they are cooked.
  • The ideal temperature at which potatoes should be stored is somewhere around 7- 10 deg C.
  • Never ever store potatoes along with onions. When the two of them are put together, they produce certain gases that spoil both of them.
  • Mature potatoes should not be stored for more than 2 months, while the new ones should be consumed within 1 week.
  • Sweet potatoes should be stored for a maximum period of one week only, since they are very delicate.
  • Never ever keep the potatoes in direct sunlight. In fact, keep them away from prolonged exposure to light. If exposed to light for too long, they become green, develop a bitter taste and might become toxic.
  • Keep on checking the stored potatoes every few days. The moment you see a soft, shriveled or sprouted potato, remove it from the storage area.
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