Spring is Coming!


Tomorrow at 12:32 p.m. CDT Spring will officially arrive for 2010. Hmmm… today the weather forecasters are predicting 1 to 4 inches of snow by tomorrow evening. Interesting.

Thirty four years ago Larry and I were married at Buck Creek United Methodist Church, just down the road from our farm. It was a lovely day with temperatures around 50 degrees. The  sunny day brought  folks from all parts of the country to celebrate.

The next year, our first anniversary, we were snowed in. March is very unpredictable, but one thing for sure, it is closer to spring than December was!

As the picture shows, the rhubarb is popping through and the crocuses are in bloom. The pussy willows are beginning to show a little “fur” and I doubt there is a person who is not ready for a change of the season.

The tomatoes are growing under the lights waiting to be planted in the hoophouse in just three more weeks. The broccoli and cabbage seeds are germinating on the warming mat ready to spring into strong, healthy plants. Today I will plant lettuce and spinach in the hoophouse in order to get a jump start on the season. According to my records we planted peas on March 30th last year. Soon our days will be spent outside – let’s hope for a “just right” growing season.

Yes, the gardening season is certainly getting underway! As I talk to folks it seems as though their mouths are beginning to salivate in anticipation of fresh vegetables.

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