SPRING CSA 2015 Volume 2 / Issue 1 SPRING SHARE #1

YOU GUYS! Last spring we started with 9 families. We would be fools if we didn’t try to expand because we learned a lot and made a heap-ton of friends. Well thanks to all of yous, we are now serving over FIFTY FAMILIES! So we whole-heartedly want to welcome our newcomers and welcome back previous share members for another season!

Your Share This Week
We call it the “Spring Greens” share but wouldn’t some pretty variegated pinks and reds look great in the mix? Enjoy your rhubarb!

Speaking of color: TULIPS! We would have held on longer to the surprise, but we couldn’t contain our excitement because of TULIPS!

Lettuce is green! But also red! See how we like to be unpredictable?

These tender, butter, white, salad turnips will add some crunch to your greens.

We don’t like to brag, but we are pretty famous for spinach at this point. We planted this waaay back in October, and promised that if it was very good it would get to meet some of you when it grew up. Let’s hope it makes us proud on your plates this week.

A great way to sneak in extra nutrients is these delicate little microgreens. We are offering a spicy and a mild mix for you to choose from. Top your sandwiches, soups, salads, tacos, pastas, WHATEVER in these and enjoy a punch of flavor as well as tons of vitamins (up to 60% more than their mature selves).

Finally some garlic chives for you to snip into your soup or atop your starch.


Everything you enjoy in your CSA share was grown in a certified organic high tunnel or elsewhere on the farm which has practiced organic methods for over thirty-five years. Everything has been harvested in the last two days, so your foods are full of those beneficial phytochemicals you’ve heard tell of. Make sure to wash items before preparing or serving, as we keep the healthy soil on them to ensure they stay fresher as they make their way to your table. If you’d like to assist us in our mission to use as little disposible items as possible, save any plastic bags and clamshells you get from us and return them washed for reuse. We will give you a farm-fresh high-five for your trouble. Large bags or coolers are a great way to get your haul home, so bringing one or two of those will surely make your pickup days a little easier.


Farmer Denise’s Thoughts
Amber and I am truly overwhelmed by the response by all of you who have renewed or joined anew our CSA adventure. We have developed a strong relationship over the past year and that translates into good food for you. We enjoy growing healthy nutritious food for you; it makes us feel that we are contributing to the health of our community. Every day we make decisions based on providing you with the best produce that Mother Earth and our humble hands can grow.

This CSA delivery brings full circle our commitment to you.We started one year ago and are now starting our second year. We appreciate the opportunity and privilege to grow food. As always the weather presents challenges to our well laid out plans. Growing in our high tunnel certainly alleviates some of those stressful springtime blues. There is nothing better than to be able to work inside a 72’ x 30’ structure that keeps us dry and able to grow the produce we bring to you.

Every week in this column I will be giving you some insight into how we grow the food, what the impact of weather, disease and insects has upon our week’s work and information on what you will experience with your weekly share.
So far this spring has been ups and downs in the temperature category. You all pretty much know that because the weather impacts everything we do. The tulips are two weeks early so the ones you get this week are the only ones for this spring. When the temperature goes from 30 to 80 in just a couple of days, the plants perk up and think that it is time to be fully mature. Luckily we have a cooler so we can harvest and put produce into the cooler to slow down the maturing process.

Entering our second year using the high tunnel we are feeling more confident about how to grow the vegetables that you are expecting. Many of you will remember that we had issues with grasshoppers last year. We are hoping not to experience their invasion this year. But, you know what? Something else will take their place. Ever vigilant is our motto.

The potatoes, peas, carrots, beets, salad greens and a plethora of other vegetables are in the ground and soaking up this fine rain we have been getting.

Take Care, Farmer Denise and Farmer Amber

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