Summer share #9

We are halfway through summer already! Denise and Amber are already thinking fall, with turkey poults in the brooders, squash vines growing, and storage crops being held back for fall feasting. Soon we will have information on our Fall CSA (four weeks, more veg and much of it storage quality to last through winter) and our Thanksgiving Bounty Boxes. We have a limited number of fresh turkeys that will be processed the week of Thanksgiving, so you can start your planning too! In the meantime, it is summertime and there is a LOT to eat this week.

Your Share This Week

One again a big old slicer tomato or an heirloom for everyone to pick from. You can also choose from a pint of romas or our selection of heirloom cherry tomatoes. Use them for sandwiches or salads or in the recipe this week.

Make a choice between broccoli or beets. Large shares get both.

Everyone gets a cucumber! And a good thing, because they are essential to this week’s recipe.

Pick a pepper! We will have banana peppers, green peppers, flavorburst, cayenne, lunchbox, and chocolate. We promised color and we delivered! Each one of these is workable in the recipe, just go with the flavors you prefer.

A gorgeous bunch of curly kale for everyone. KLTs are just as good as BLTs!

Green (and purple) beans can be eaten steamed or fresh.

Summer squash and zucchini filling the root cellar, so take a couple and mix it up for the recipe.

Finally a choice between a red or yellow onion and a garlic bulb. This garlic is delicious, but it is not storage quality so use it in the next few weeks. The onions got a little sunburned so they need to be used in the next while as well. We will have both storage onions and storage garlic later.

And finally some cilantro for the recipe and a lovely flower.

News from the Farm

So, yesterday afternoon when it felt too hot to go out and pull weeds, I made up a bunch of salsa and a great Greek salad – with basically the same vegetables. We had both for supper last night and I am so glad that I took the time. Growing and harvesting produce doesn’t always leave us with time to make our own dishes out of the garden bounty. Amber has to because she has a household that needs their stomachs satisfied. Larry and I can just nibble or not at the end of the day before we collapse into bed.

Hot and muggy is about the only way  to describe this past week. I try to get my work done early in the morning and then in the evening just to minimize trudging through the hot afternoon. The mornings are quite wet so I wait until some of it has dried before tackling any weeds. We are now getting parts of the garden ready for fall and winter plantings. I am trying to raise food for ten months this year. We did it for nine last so one more month shouldn’t be too hard.

It is hard to believe we are halfway through the season. I check with myself to see if I am still enjoying this year and to be honest, I answer yes every time I ask. There are some days that are more challenging than others but for the most part I continue to expand my knowledge base and my ability to manage these 3+ acres of land. The joys of seeing the butterflies on the flowers and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets certainly help.

Thanks to all of you for supporting our farms. Amber continues to learn and contribute to our economic unit as she is doing with her own family homestead. You all make it a pleasure to come every week. It is such a joy to see your faces light up when you see the bounty we bring.

Take Care, Farmer Denise and Farmer Amber

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