Summer share #8

We have to give ourselves lots of options as farmers. Part of it is for increased enjoyment, like trying a new variety to see how it turns out (pink bumblebee tomatoes are awesome! Purple dragon carrots are ick) or overplanting in the hopes of selling extra or the fear that we will have to share too much with wildlife. So this week your share is about options. Be prepared to make some either/or decisions, and be prepared to think about some preservation recipes for overabundance. We will be bringing some “seconds” of carrots, onions, tomatoes, and peppers. These all have some cosmetic flaw or break that would make them an extra challenge to work with or difficult to store safely for the expected duration. Please take what you can use, and maybe surprise some of your family or neighbors with a treat for their freezer or canning shelf!

Your Share This Week

Everyone can have some large slicer tomatoes and a selection of heirloom cherry tomatoes.

Another round of delicious broccoli is up! One of Denise’s goals for this year was to do better at broccoli and succession planting of broccoli. You guys can all tell her she did awesome.

Even if the aforementioned purple dragons were disappointing, the good old reliable Napoli carrots are still here to delight you.

Pick a pepper! We will have banana peppers, green peppers, and flavorburst. Soon all the colors will be popping!

You can choose either a red cabbage or a bag of beets.

And you have a choice of either one eggplant and one summer squash, or two summer squash.

Large share members are getting some extra fun flavor enhancers this week: fennel, onion, and garlic. Use these throughout the week to make your dishes extra flavorful!

And everyone gets some thyme and a lovely Zinnia.



News from the Farm

Just when I thought I would have to get the irrigation set up for our fall crops, we got a timely rain. July must be put down in the books as one of the most rainy, I think. Produce continues to look good. I have had a bit of a problem with cucumbers so am trying to replant some. Our cucumber supply is now limited but hopefully will be improving soon. I got another planting of lettuce in and if all goes well we should have lettuce in about two weeks. I still need to work on the succession planting so we can always have a supply.

I am sad that the rabbits got the melon plants so we probably won’t have melons this summer unless I find some from another farmer who grew them successfully. Darn those critters! I know they look cute but they wreak havoc on the crops.

We are planning forward for the Fall CSA and for the Thanksgiving boxes we offered last year. As we sort through the onions and garlic, we are setting aside some for your pleasure during Thanksgiving.

As Amber mentioned earlier we have some produce that doesn’t meet up to our “perfect” vegetable standard so we will be offering some of those “irregulars” for you to take extra. We do put a lot of waste into our compost pile and that does wonders for our soil, but some things just look too good to put there.

Speaking of compost, Larry has spent the last couple of days putting compost on our fields to get them in shape for next year’s production. It is wonderful to have a source of nutrients for our crops and composting makes it easy. I know the church is having you all bring your compost on Sunday to put in the container. Lucky is that farmer who is picking it up and using it. Thanks for your thoughtfulness about keeping that waste out of our overflowing landfills.

Take Care, Farmer Denise, Farmer Amber and Jordan who will be gone soon.

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