Summer share #6

Did you notice it finally started to feel like July this week? Well, the plants sure noticed (and your swarthy farmers working in the field). Some summer classics are in this week’s share and we hope you enjoy them! Oh, and itty bitty teeny greenie beanies are starting, so expect those soon!

Your Share This Week

We can really sympathize with the expression “cool as a cucumber” this week.

A perpetual presence on the family table this time of year is a big bowl of cucumber & white onion. You can make some up yourself this week!

All it takes is a jolt of heat and BAM! We are filthy with summer squash. We will be bringing a motley bunch so you can snag-a-squash of your preference.

We wait and wait and then alluvasudden there are green peppers! Before you know it, we will have other colors as well!

Another round of broccoli so lovely you could carry it on your wedding day. Please be sure to soak to keep those little green critters in check.

And we round it all out with gorgeous heads of red and green lettuce. You get to pick two from a selection of green panisse, red fire, and red cross.

And the earmark of summer (Get it? “EARmark?”) . . . SWEET CORN! Denise has been on sweet corn worm control. You may find that some of the ears have the top missing – Denise spent Saturday morning flicking the worms that want to feast on the corn. You shouldn’t find any on your ears!

And some parsley for your herb with Zinnias and Baby’s Breath to f the start the week.

News from the Farm

We have been working really hard to keep cool this week; that means starting earlier than usual (I have had to give up my morning yoga to get out to the field earlier), taking a break in mid-afternoon and finishing up in the evening. The thing about starting earlier is it is incredibly wet! I have gone through several changes of clothing during the day given how wet everything is.

This week you get to taste the first sweet corn – yum! The darned worms insist that they have the right to first taste so there are some lopped off tops on some of the corn. We have planted four plantings of corn so this is just the first taste. We know you will enjoy this wonderful American food tradition.

The rains have been with us again this week. Weeds that we thought we had under control have begun to spread their tentacles with a grip that is hard to break. Oh joy!

Take Care, Farmers Denise and Amber and great worker Jordan

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