Summer share #6

Along with the heat of summer came the “back to school” notices. That means more sweet corn and finally tomatoes! You ever notice how things start to seem sweetest when they are almost past? Requiem to early summer in this week’s share. Denise and I talked about how just when we would be concerned folks might be getting sick of a particular veg, we would get comments on how much they had been enjoying them. That’s why we are featuring the beets in this week’s recipe!

Your Share This Week

As promised, beets are back. Keep in mind you might have reminders of enjoying them throughout the following day (especially if you have diapered little ones).

The gorgeous color of these Colorado Rose potatoes is paired with your beets this week.

Tri-color green beans have arrived! The greens are beanie, the burgundies are sweetie, and the yellows are teenie (and tender, but that didn’t rhyme).

And sweet corn once again! What could be more Iowa and Nebraska than beans and corn? Nothing. Unless you put them on a stick.

Feeling spicy this week? We have green pepper, garlic, and red onion to feed your need.

And it feels like there is something I forgot . . . probably no one will miss it. What was it? Oh, a TOMATO!

And our large shares are getting some carrots and an eggplant this week. More for the rest of you to come later!

And because you can’t do Caprese anything without some tomato and basil, we are featuring that as your herb this week. Along with a lovely blackeyed Susan flower.

News from the Farm

We continue to adjust to Kate being gone. We decided that when she was here we usually had time to spare with getting things ready. Now, with her gone, we are usually running late. This week kept us hopping with continuing to weed, plant and harvest. Lucky for us that Jordan will be here for a couple more weeks.

This week’s corn is phenomenal! The variety is Montauk and the ears are huge. I didn’t find any worms but don’t assume there aren’t any. We will continue to have corn for several more weeks with maybe a break or two depending how soon they follow each other with the succession planning.

We will soon be winding down on planting. In August we will be planting the high tunnel with winter crops. We have a goal of producing through Christmas this year. How about fresh carrots during the holidays? We are gonna give it a try.

This week my baby turkeys arrived. They like the hot weather. In the next couple of weeks we will be sending out the order form for you all to fill out and get back to us. We are lucky to have them. There is a shortage given the Avian flu situation so be thankful for our small hatcheries that kept us supplied this year.

If any of you want to join me on Instagram my address is denise.obrien.3139. I post pictures from the farm that I try to get on Facebook.

Take Care,

Farmer Denise, Farmer Amber and soon to be college student Jordan

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