Summer share #5

One thing that is great about being a farmer (or a CSA member) is you get to shop all the exotics, not just the grocery-store standard. We shop them as seed, of course, which makes it all the more exciting and new to see how they turn out. This week’s share has some slight twists on some standards you have already been enjoying, and we hope you like it.

Your Share This Week

This beautiful Panisse lettuce is cute enough for a jaunty little hat, but we think you should eat it.

Remember that green cabbage you loved? This cabbage is red cabbage! And you will also love it!

Speaking of red, that red onion you loved is now a yellow onion! Fun!

Have you noticed that the beets you have been getting have pretty candy stripes inside? We just love little surprises like that.

These carrots are the same. But still, fresh carrots!

This next week is predicted to be hot, hot, hot! You may want to try a cold cucumber soup to help you cool down.

Large shares are getting a head of broccoli, some pearl scallions, and a whopping bag of the gold and rose potatoes as well.

And just try not to drool when you smell the basil. And go ahead and drool when you smell the flower, but don’t eat it.

News from the Farm

This week Kate left us to explore more adventures in farming. She was such an asset to our farm team that it will take some adjustment to filling in the gap she has left. As she mentioned, she is from St. Louis and is going there to work on a farm just outside of the city. We know that farm will be pleased with this new hire.

Besides having you as CSA members we are selling produce to other businesses in Omaha and Des Moines. There are two new formed produce distributors we are using to sell the produce – Farm Table Delivery and Lone Tree Foods, LLC. With their help we are selling to several HyVees in Omaha and to a number of restaurants including Kitchen Table, Block 16 and Grey Plume. The restaurants in Omaha have been incredibly supportive of local farmers so when you are thinking of eating out, remember these names.

Many of you have asked about visiting the farm. We are always open to visitors if you call ahead. Hosting groups and individuals is part of our education and outreach. We will probably try to have an open house sometime in August we will let you know as plans develop.

We are starting our third round of carrots this season. One of the challenges in keeping you all stocked up on fresh veggies is succession planting. Some crops get planted every two to three weeks and some, like tomatoes, just once for the entire season. So while you have been patiently waiting for tomatoes, the carrots are on their third planting. We have two more plantings in the ground growing to keep you happy.

Speaking of summer favorites, tomatoes, green beans and sweet corn – they are nearly ready and you will be enjoying them on your dinner table in the next couple of weeks! Yeah.

Take Care, Farmer Denise, Farmer Amber and soon to be college student, Jordan.

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