Summer share #4

Outdoor eating is the theme this week. Everything in your share can be incorporated into your grilling or camping or picnicking plans this week.

Your Share This Week

Red and green head lettuce are back, and these pretty butterheads are great on a burger or sandwich.

These lovely beets hide a pretty candy-stripe surprise. They would sure work in the recipe this week!

A bunch of curly kale is perfect for kale chips, and a great alternative as a burger side to anything in a bag.

Salads need crunch and the harkurei turnips are the perfect solution. Or you can try pickling them this week.

This is the pefect time of year for a potato salad, and these German butterball potatoes are raring to go. Add some of this fresh red onion (it isn’t cured, so use it this week or refrigerate it OR try the recipe) to pep it up.

Is it time for cobbler again? Have some more rhubarb!

Large shares are getting some more broccoli and the first of the summer squash! Don’t make everyone else feel bad just because you feel special.

And all you Francophiles can enjoy some tarragon. Make sure you put a flower on your table to enjoy it. And wear a beret.

News from the Farm

This week has been a nearly perfect week. I got the last round of sweet corn planted so we will have plenty as long as the deer and raccoons don’t take more than their share! I was able to get more radishes planted also – look for them in about twenty days.

We are having a good time using the new/old potato plow we recently purchased. We are adapting a horse drawn plow to our tractor and it sure beats digging with the potato fork. Jordan, our soon to be leaving for college employee, is thankful and is sure that the plow has already paid for itself.

Kate is leaving this week. We are very sad that she is leaving. She has been one of the best interns we have had on the farm. Our hope is that we have passed on our wisdom of farming to her and that she will use it well in her future farming venture.

The weather forecast looks to be cool this next week making it possible to continue to grow cool weather crops. What we sacrifice are the tomatoes that everyone is waiting patiently for. The cherry tomatoes are beginning to turn – remember the Sungolds from last year – just about the sweetest tasting ever!

Coming in the lineup of veggies are garlic, summer squash, tomatoes, various types and colors of peppers and more of everything you have been receiving. What a wonderful year it has been so far.

I get the day off on Sunday as we have family visiting from Colorado. Last night we had sixteen people sleeping in all the nooks and crannies of our large farmhouse. We are privileged people indeed.

Take Care,

Farmer Denise, Farmer Amber and Farmer to be Kate

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