Summer share #3

This week Amber has left me with newsletter duty while she and her family take a break in Wisconsin. Our work at the farm is very dependent on consistency and hard work. With Amber gone there is quite a gap to fill and it makes me realize just how much we depend on each other to get our chores done. Kate and Jordan have done a tremendous amount of work this week to bring you the high quality produce you have come to expect.

Your Share This Week

We continue to provide you with the delicious carrots. So far this spring our carrots seem to be the star of the show. In all of my years of farming, I have never been able to grow them like they have grown this year. I know you can taste the difference from what you can buy off the produce shelves in the supermarket.

Another wonderful kohlrabi will grace your dinner plate this week.

The chioggia beets will delight you with their candy striped appearance. According to our seed provider Johnny’s Select Seed in Maine, first-rate crops grow quickly in light or loamy soils with a pH over 6.0. In general, cool temperatures produce the best flesh color. At Rolling Acres Farm this year, the conditions seem to be just right.

Lettuce is making its appearance once again. The butterhead variety is in both green and lovely red.

Cucumbers will round out your salad fixings this week.

This week you will begin to receive onions. Our onion crop is very good this year so expect to have these beauties through the fall. You can sprinkle these over your roasted veggies.

Dill has begun to show it feathery fern like leaf and will add flavor to your salad or roasted veggies.

And as always a flower. Flowers are my passion and it gives me joy to see you all delight in receiving them. 


Surprise! Today Kate, the mentee, is writing the update on the farm! And it won’t be an update on the farm! (don’t worry. Everything is going great here.) I’m getting ready to wrap up my two month stint here at Rolling Acres, and I wanted to thank you for making such an incredible experience possible. “Thank you?” , you ask. That’s right. Thank you. I don’t know how often you think about it, but you are supporting an incredible thing by buying a share of vegetables for a season. Without your investment in Rolling Acres and Fork Tail Farm I would not have had the opportunity to learn all of the things that I have.

I hail from the inner city of St. Louis, MO. Although I was raised outside the city in the suburbs, I was exposed to the farm lifestyle from an early age. My mom’s parents were and are farmers in Central Illinois. I think that nature stole my heart from an early age, but I didn’t realize it until I was in college having changed my major 3 times and all of a sudden studying Environmental Studies and Sociology. My junior year of college I was offered the opportunity to work at a community garden in the inner city. It totally captured my imagination and challenged me to think about how I wanted be a part of social change. After college I spent six weeks in Cape Town, South Africa, looking at how organizations taught people in the Townships to grow their own food. It wasn’t until last summer though that I was able to do my first apprenticeship at EarthDance in Ferguson, MO. Working here at Rolling Acres has equipped me with the tools and the confidence to start imagining what my own farm and impact will look like. Denise has been a radical educator throughout Iowa, the country, and even the world for the impact that this small-scale, organic farming can have on the world. I have been so grateful to be able to work under someone who is not afraid to ask the hard questions and is a part of the movement to transform what agriculture looks like. Rolling Acres is a special place, and I am so grateful to you for contributing to its growth and evolution.

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