Summer share #18

Eighteen weeks, folks. We have sure felt lucky growing for you all, and we hope you enjoyed it. This week you get a bit of the last of the summer crop goodies, and also some items to take you into fall. We hope everyone learned to love a new vegetable, or how to love an old favorite in a new way this year! We hope to see you all again either for the fall share or next season!

Your Share This Week

Guys, try not to cry when I say this for the last time: one slicer tomato, your choice of fifteen of cherry tomatoes or roma tomatoes, and pick three peppers. *sniff*

Broccoli or fennel keep you practicing those hard decision-making skills.

Remember spring when there was plenty of lettuce and our relationship felt brand new? These adorable Rudolph radishes want to be in a sentimental salad with it.

Red potatoes and leeks pair together for a lovely fall soup.

And large shares also get the very last of the romano beans and eggplant.

Some oregano to garnish your soup.

And a “farewell” flower.

News from the Farm

To those of you leaving us, it has been great to see you every Sunday morning sharing our lives and our produce. When we look at the growing season we had a pretty fantastic one. No hail, no wind damage – we did have a lot of rain but seemed to manage all right with it. It’s those pesky insects that we were forever battling. This winter I plan to map out a strategy to at least try to keep the grasshopper population in check.

Over the growing season Amber, Larry and I have been assessing the condition of the produce we have been bringing to you. We have looked at where we need improvement, what we have done well and what needs to be done to make things run more smoothly during the next season. One thing I know is that I want to improve on the leeks. I have very little experience with them and you can tell with the ones you are getting this week. The stalks need to be more white or blanched. We didn’t have the soil around them deep enough. We got the broccoli down well, but next year conditions may change and we might not have the same success. Cauliflower is on my improvement list along with growing lettuce more consistently.

I have been studying winter growing and we will see how successful I am at Christmas if I have fresh produce for Christmas dinner. Amber and I will be going to a Midwest CSA meeting in Wisconsin in December and then in January there will be more workshops and conferences to help us sharpen our skills. All in all, attending winter meetings is fun. We get to see folks we don’t see all summer and we get to talk “shop”. What successes and failures we had.

Farewell to those who are leaving us and see you next week to those of you hanging in there another 4 weeks!

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