Summer share #17

October is such a sweet month, but for growers it is a bit bittersweet. The plants are covered with potential, but the frost threatens them and the chill slows their progress. Bugs begin to slow down and lose their appetite, but all the deer scared out of the field by harvesters move in to have their fill. It is the kind of month that really makes you appreciate all that summer offered to you, and to look forward to a bit of a rest.

Your Share This Week

Everyone gets their accustomed slicer tomato. Large shares also get a Purple Cherokee heirloom.

Snag yourself ten of cherry tomatoes or roma tomatoes.

Your choice of three peppers (or as many cayennes as you want). It’s chili weather!

SWEET potatoes are your starch for the week. Two whole pounds! Large shares get three pounds.

Some more of the delicious Liberty Macintosh Apples. Use them in the recipe!

A pungent red onion.

Two storage-quality garlics for everyone.

Thyme for use in the recipe.

Luscious gold beets for the large shares only.

But to prove we love everyone, a pretty flower.


News from the Farm

Today is the day we have set aside for you to come for a visit. We hope that we will see some of your smiling faces on this beautiful fall day. It’s no biggie. We will just show you around and let you ask all the questions that who have always wanted to ask. Hopefully we can answer them.

It is obviously turning cooler and the leaves are starting to turn. This morning Larry and I went to a farm north of here to get our turkey feed and the ride was wonderful. The golden corn and the brown soybeans are a beautiful contrast with the rows of trees that still have green leaves divide the rolling hills to create a quilt affect. It would be nice if it were a little less windy but that is part of living with Mother Nature. As soon as I am done with this part of the newsletter, I am going out to try to plant some things. I still have time to do spinach, Asian greens, radishes and turnips. It is also time to start getting things cleaned up and put away for the winter. We are putting up a greenhouse so there is that work to do also.

Until Next Week…….

Farmer Denise and Farmer Amber

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