Summer share #15

This week Denise put the “active” in “food activist,” speaking at Grinnell and arranging for agricultural delegations to visit the farm. Education and outreach is a huge part of our CSA mission, which is why we want to invite you all to our farms for an Open Farm afternoon. On Saturday, October 3 you can stop by Rolling Acres and Fork Tail Farms from 3-5 p.m. (Bonus: Intern Kate Dorsey will be visiting!). Details are covered in Denise’s update. We would love to see you!

Your Share This Week

Everyone gets TWO slicer tomatoes!

Enjoy your choice of cherry tomatoes or roma tomatoes. You guys have figured this out by now!

Your choice of four peppers, because we can’t make all the decisions for you.

Red potatoes are your starch for the week.

A hefty share of the Romano beans to try this week’s recipe.

Some more of the delicious ginger gold apples. Did you see how we made that sharp/tart salad recipe into a sharp/tart tart on Facebook? Give it a try!

More arugula will let you do the sharp/tart thing again.

Large shares are getting some raspberries and some kale this week.

Parsley is a great garnish, palette cleanser, and of course a tasty mild herb to add to this week’s recipe.

And naturally, a flower.

News from the Farm

This was a tough week at Rolling Acres Farm. Larry and I lost the best dog ever. Our Golden Retriever Brandy passed away on Monday. She was an incredible dog dragging sweet corn in to munch on as well as bringing in varmint from the fields she hunted diligently every day all day. We will miss her terribly. Our sadness became less painful when we were able to become a home for a 14 month Golden Retriever, Bella. No dog will ever replace Brandy. Bella will create a whole new world for us with her youth.

Please set aside Saturday afternoon, October 3rd from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. for our Open Farm Afternoon. Our farms are always open for a visit from you, but setting a specific time aside when you can stop by at your leisure works well into our schedules.

We will give you more details next week, but be sure to put October 3rd from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. on your calendar. When you stop by we can show you our farms and all that goes into bringing produce to you on Sundays. We suggest that you take time to stop at both farms – our businesses have a variety of enterprises; Rolling Acres is at Exit 54 and Fork Tail Farm is at Exit 40.

Amber and I and our families look forward to October 3 when we can welcome you to our farms.

Until next week…..

Farmer Denise and Farmer Amber

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