Summer share #14

We enjoyed a cool harvest day this week. Soon the summer heat will be settling down, peppers and tomatoes will slow production, and those greens will sweeten while the winter squash hardens. Until then we have plenty yet to share.

Your Share This Week

Everyone gets a slicer tomato and their choice of cherry tomatoes or roma tomatoes. As has been the custom.

Pick two peppers this week. Make them worth it!

What could be more exciting than a new bean? These beans! Romano beans! Large shares get extra!

Some more of those nice big carrots.

Try those carrots roasted with these freshly dug Kennebec potatoes. Large shares get double!

Heck, as long as you are roasting roots, throw these radishes in there, too!

Your choice of broccoli or onion. Both are delicious roasted with the rest, but best add the broccoli when there is only about 20 minutes left of roasting time.

We have some greens for you this week: lettuce and arugula. Salad and sandwich time. May we suggest you try the recipe?

Also in the recipe are these amazing honey crisp apples. You can really taste why they named them after honey. Oh my.

Large shares also get some baby Swiss chard. I have been using mine with some basil, olive oil, and toasted pecans to make some of my favorite pesto to add to winter veggie soups.

And naturally, a flower.


News from the Farm

The regular season is certainly winding down. I find myself restless as the day light eases into longer evenings. My body has been geared to go full blast and slowing down, as much as I like it, is difficult to do. It will take some adjusting to bring my mind and my body into the transition from summer to fall. I practice yoga every morning and am now missing the light in the early morning hours. The other morning as the sun was rising I observed a hummingbird flitting from flower to flower. What could be better than meditating on a hummingbird filling its body with energy to make the annual migration trek? Answer, nothing.

Your produce this week and the coming weeks will be changing somewhat with the season. It’s time to think of hearty soups and roasted veggies. The oversized carrots will work great any way you fix them. The apples are a little spotty but that goes along with raising produce without chemicals. This year may be particularly bad given the amount of rain that we have had. No complaints, just sayin’.

Those of you who were with us last year may remember our abundant squash crop. This year is a little less, we cut back so we wouldn’t inundate you again. Well, we cut back a little too much and won’t have quite the amount last year. We are letting them harden off as Amber mentioned so you will be seeing them in the next weeks as the summer share winds down.

I planted beets, radishes, lettuce, spinach and salad turnips again this week. I will continue to plant in the high tunnel until mid-October. I have a goal of having some fresh produce for Christmas – cross your fingers! As we wind down we are taking notes for next year. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Amber and I appreciate the support you have given us all season. You are our extended family and our community. It is a joy to visit with you each week. Thank you.

If you are out enjoying the fall colors as the season unfolds, plan to stop by our farms to visit. Just send us an email or give us a call.

Until next week…..

Farmer Denise and Farmer Amber

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