Summer share #13

For a second our crops thought it was fall, but then it warmed right up! Still plenty of summer bounty for you in our thirteenth week. Five more weeks of summer, and then we fall right into Fall CSA. You can sign up anytime at, or just use the website as a guide to shop and bring a check or cash to your next CSA pickup. We still have room to grow with you!

Your Share This Week

The cool weather slowed them down for a bit, but they caught up fast. Choose one slicer tomato and one of either cherry tomatoes or roma tomatoes.

And lots of peppers this week! Choose one large one (bell, poblano, or Carmen) and four smaller ones (cayenne, sweet banana, or lunchbox)

And the return of the salad turnips! These are so tasty sliced raw, but you can also cook them if you prefer.

And to make a perfect pair with the turnips, enjoy these pink beauty radishes! They have a bit of heat, so plan ahead.

Broccoli heads or broccoli florets for you to choose from. These are so sweet fresh, my brood was asking for thirds on their plates.

The carrots were left unsupervised underground and grew to bountiful proportions! These are great for shredded carrots, carrot cake, to add around your roasted meat, or use in stews and stocks!

Large share members get to enjoy the first of the romano beans which are crisp and sweet, and an eggplant.

This is the moment we have been waiting for: ginger gold apples! Everyone gets two, or about a pound. Fresh eating apple, good for sauce or pies as well. But really, one bite and you’ll decide it doesn’t need a bit more of work than to chew.

Cilantro is nearing its end and you still want to make salsa, so here you go!

Plus a flower. Because you are special to us.

News from the Farm

Okay, this is Labor Day Weekend, we celebrate our lives of working. In our case, we keep working – as we still have plenty to do. We will take off some time on Sunday afternoon and Monday, but in order to do that we need to work twice as hard to take that time off! You all probably have the same scenario.

Today I started out mowing, tilling and planting. Yes, I am still planting – today it is radishes, turnips, lettuce, carrots, beets and onions. We’ve got to keep you all happy. I am replanting a number of things because the voracious grasshoppers feel that it is their duty to eat everything in sight. My strategy for next year will be an even more aggressive. There is an organic pesticide recommended to me;  I looked it up to purchase but it is $409.00 plus shipping for a quart of concentrate. Yikes! I might have to resort to that. Last night I sprayed everything with Neem, an organic compound that is supposed to be affective. Surely something will work! Next year we will be putting our chickens out nearer to the garden as well.

Back to the labor thing. Before I sat down to write my part of this newsletter I baked a cake, put the last of the cucumbers in vinegar, cooked some pasta for a pasta salad and got ready for an anniversary of our daughter Bri and son-in-law Kevin, their 9th and our daughter-in-law Emily’s 30th birthday. As a neighbor recently said “It seems like there is always a birthday or some kind of celebration at your house.” Thank goodness there is, it makes life so much more enjoyable with family around. Amber’s life is even busier than mine given she has her three young ones to take care of. I remember those days. She is staying close to home with potty training taking place with her two year old.

As Amber told you in the first paragraph, we have 5 more weeks of the summer share and then will start our fall share. Many of you have signed up through the fall but there are some of you who may want to join us again. The website can take your order or you can just let us know. We will be sending out a reminder in the next week. We don’t have the Thanksgiving boxes that we offered last year on the website, plan to do that soon. Surely next week when it is cool and rainy, I can find time to get that together for you.

In the meantime, have a great long weekend. Thanks for letting us know when you can’t pick up your produce. That takes the guessing out of Sunday morning deliveries. Thanks also for supporting our farms. We enjoy having all of you as an extended family.

Until Next Week……

Farmer Denise and Farmer Amber

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