Summer share #11

We really enjoyed a day of fall-like weather. Several of our winter squashes were almost convinced! To celebrate, we are giving you a week off summer squash. We are also changing up some of your old reliables this week with a slightly more exotic variety of some CSA staples. Enjoy the new flavors!

Your Share This Week

More biggies are turning color, so this week everyone gets four small peppers of cayenne, lunchbox, or banana, and one large pepper of either flavorburst, carmen, and green, red, or chocolate bell.

Two colors of kohlrabi to choose from: white or purple.

You have been enjoying our beefsteak tomatoes as your slicers, but this week everyone gets an heirloom tomato (either purple Cherokee or pink Martha Washington) and a Celebrity red slicer.

Stay on the tomato train a bit longer and choose one from mini romas, romas, or mixed cherry tomatoes. Large share members get a bonus cherry tomato pint of one specific variety, either the sungolds (orange), five star (red grape), or pink bumblebee (pink and green plum).

La Ratte fingerling potatoes do all the things you want a potato to do, and with a delicate chestnut-like flavor. Baked, mashed, broiled, fried, these guys are gooooo-ood. So good we feature them in the recipe this week.

This time the green beans are all the “they turn green when you cook ‘em” purple beans.

You have had some time away from beets and we hope you missed them. They enjoyed another good soaking this week before being pulled and are extra juicy.

Your flavor enhancer is a red onion. Some of them got too much sun in the drying process and have a flat side, so be sure to eat from that end first (or just use up the whole thing this week). Denise has never been much of an onion eater but has been transformed. All of her summer sandwiches are topped off with a red onion these days. She’s liking the sweet flavor and the crispness.

And because it is a flavor and smell of the aforementioned fall, have some sage and make it taste like summer. Finally, another pretty flower.

News from the Farm

Actually today I am writing this from Lake Okoboji! Amber and I worked out a deal so Larry and I could take a couple of days off to attend the Harris Family Reunion and celebrate the 50th anniversary of his cousins Duane and Linda. Last night we danced all night to the Whitesidewalls – a great rock n roll band! Today we are boating, swimming and re-acquainting ourselves with cousins from all over the country. Larry and I are now a part of the elders – doesn’t seem possible as young as we feel (sometimes).

Back to the farm – this week Amber had 6 inches of rain at her farm! We are very lucky to have the wonderful beans she trekked through the mud to pick. We are giving you a break on the sweet corn and hoping that we will have more. The grasshoppers are eating the silks on the corn and so it isn’t pollinating the potential kernels. I feel lucky that we got the good stuff we have had so far.

So, today I will keep it short – there are lots of things to do besides sitting at a desk typing. I won’t see you tomorrow but Amber will be there as her cheerful self and will take good care of you.

Until Next Week,

Vacationing Farmer Denise and Farmer Amber

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