Summer share #10

Between the continuous producers of summer and successful succession planting, we have a lot to offer you this week! We hope you can find a way to enjoy it all, because our field testing has approved everything as delicious.

Your Share This Week

Guess who’s sweet on you? This sweet corn! Hey, we can’t be hilarious with each vegetable.  Just for your information, this variety is names Sugar Buns.

This week you can choose a head of broccoli or try the new kid on the CSA: fennel. Use the fringe as an herb to add some anise flavor to your salads or tapas, and you can braise or steam the bulb, or slice it thinly raw.

Once upon a time a beautiful farmer seeded lettuce, transplanted lettuce, tended lettuce and hoped to share it with her entire CSA kingdom. Then the evil bunny came along. Some of the green head lettuce is a bit small, but we have to blame it on critters who aren’t good at sharing.

Peter Piper once again. A selection so everyone can have four peppers! We will have banana peppers, green peppers, chocolate peppers, flavorburst, cayenne, and lunchbox.

Red potatoes make a great potato salad!

Take a choice between cucumber or summer squash.

Enjoy a large slicer tomato and your choice of either cherry tomatoes or roma tomatoes. If you haven’t slow-roasted any yet, take a day to just enjoy the smells.

And because selection is fun, a variety of herbs to go well with everything and a gorgeous flower.

News from the Farm

Farming is still agreeing with us. Amber and I continue to get through the week to bring you the great bounty we are growing. Occasionally there are setbacks but for the most part we “plow” ahead at full speed to find balance with the weather and insects. This week we had a couple of days of work from a young woman who was visiting her Omaha family. Kelsey certainly added a positive aspect to our workload.

I am always in awe of Amber who is raising three children under 8 with her husband Jeremy. They moved to their acreage a little over a year ago and, from my observation, are thriving at what they are doing. It is especially gratifying to me as Amber’s mentor. We check in often to see that we are meeting our goals and accomplishing what we set out to accomplish last winter and spring. We both have learned a lot and continue to be amazed at the things we have done. Of course, we have had a great summer with enough rain, heat and cool to be able to grow produce fairly easily. Not a whole lot of challenges this season that have put us in a negative thought pattern.

The sweet corn is making us proud this year. It is a dismal failure last year and so we are making up for that. Today I planted lots of lettuce for you to enjoy with the cucumbers, tomatoes and perhaps a slice of bacon for the traditional BLT. We have been enjoying these at our house along with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and some fantastic Basalmic Vinegar that I bought at a spice shop in Omaha.

We are now settling in for the fall and winter seasons. I have been carefully studying plans to be able to produce vegetables until December. I hit the 9 month mark last year. This year I want to go 1o. Then I can enjoy two months off before things start up again.

In closing we hope the sweet corn is to your liking. You may find an occasional ear that is not fully filled, but hopefully there is a couple bites there. The grasshoppers seem to have eaten off the silks on quite a few so the ears might not have gotten fully pollinated.

Until Next Week.

Farmer Denise and Farmer Amber

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