Summer Share #1

Welcome summer! Certainly we saw some hot days recently that heralded the season, but we are thankful for some rain to temper the hot days. It all leads to good growing, and we think you will find your share this week shows a LOT of growing. Speaking of which, if you can help us grow our CSA membership by recommending us to your friends and neighbors, we offer some nice incentives: free barn kitten to the first four members who successfully recruit another household to join!

Your Share This Week

Napa Cabbage is big and beautiful. This is popular in Asian cooking, so make yourself some nice kimchi or try it in this week’s recipe.

These tasty sugar snap peas are a guilt-free sweet crunchy snack. The pods are edible and oh-so-delicious so don’t shell, just munch. Or you can add them to the stir fry with your napa!

Garlic scapes play the role of flavor enhancer in this week’s recipe, but you can feel free to enjoy them in a pesto or any recipe where you would use garlic. They will keep well in the refrigerator, and will be a nice fresh garlic flavor in your dishes.

It’s the cabbage stem you eat like an apple: kohlrabi! Peel and slice and eat! You can add it to your stir fry this week, too.

A nice romaine heart. Hail Ceasar!

These baby red ursa kale leaves are ready for your use as a salad green or braised side.

And some of those delicious Haruki turnips to top your salad.

The first of the carrots are up! We like to walk around in the field doing Bugs Bunny impersonations, but if you are less fun than us, you can just eat them in the same stir fry. It will still be fun. Large shares get one bunch, but there will be more for the small shares soon!

Large shares are also getting some sweet little pac chois. These will go nicely with your stir fry if you like.

Finally, there is enough asparagus left just for the large share members. It is still so tender and delicious, but like all such things, its time is coming to an end.

A few words about your fresh vegetables

Everything you enjoy in your CSA share was grown in a certified organic high tunnel or elsewhere on the farm which has practiced organic methods for over thirty-five years. Everything has been harvested in the last two days, so your foods are full of those beneficial phytochemicals you’ve heard tell of. Make sure to wash items before preparing or serving, as we keep the healthy soil on them to ensure they stay fresher as they make their way to your table. If you’d like to assist us in our mission to use as little disposible items as possible, save any plastic bags and clamshells you get from us and return them washed for reuse. We will give you a farm-fresh high-five for your trouble. Large bags or coolers are a great way to get your haul home, so bringing one or two of those will surely make your pickup days a little easier. Especially as the weather heats up, make sure to properly store and cool your veggies when you get it home. And please do share your successful uses of our produce with us! We love to get new ideas and hear how you are enjoying your membership.

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