Spring share #6

Thank you for joining us for spring! We have eaten through six weeks together now, and we hope you have found it fulfilling. Though right now it feels like the cool rains of spring will never go away, we are just a stone’s throw from warmer weather crops. If you feel ready for summer, don’t forget to include us in your plans and sign up for the summer share!

Your Share This Week

Your last bag of spring spinach is a full half pound. We hope it carries you over until summer starts!

And a hefty third pound of Asian Greens.

And a nice full red head lettuce.

Plus a head of romaine for a giant Caesar salad.

Some tender scallions to put atop all those greens.

If you start to get a little too concerned about the week’s lull between spring and summer share, just add some of this soothing chamomile to you day and you will start to chill out. You can dry it for tea, or steam it for a fresh green tea, or snip some of the fringe for a citrusy addition to your salads.

And finally a flower, because we care.

News from the Farm

It is unbelievable to me that we have been providing you with fresh vegetables for six weeks! In all of my years of farming it feels good to come to a time when we can grow produce for an extended period of time. The technology, seed varieties and structures like the high tunnel are an incredible asset to our farm.

This week I will be in Washington D.C. to work on some beginning farmer issues. It has always been an important part of our family to be involved in issues that effect us directly. Larry and I have been involved with farm policy for many years and some things have actually made farming better for new and beginning farmers.

Amber and Kate will be in charge this week and I feel I am leaving the farm in good hands. Amber has been with me for more than a year now and has learned the ropes. Kate is a very capable woman who takes initiative and gets a lot of work done!

The weather is looking warmer and dryer next week so it will be good to have things dry out. The weeds are taking over some parts of the garden where it is too wet to walk. There will be lots of weeding done while I am gone and seriously, I will miss it – weeding is a meditative task for me.  I appreciate the time to let my mind wander and let my thoughts flow out to the wider universe.

The summer share will start June 14th so we will take a one week break and give you a chance to finish up on all the greens you have had this spring. The cool weather has given us a bountiful harvest for spring – no doubt about that.

Looking forward to our summer with you. There is still opportunity for those of you who are still interested or perhaps a family member or friend would like to have a share. We are still taking chicken orders as well.

Take Care,

Farmer Denise, Farmer Amber and Farmer- to- be Kate

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