Spring share #5

It is still spring, but in our high tunnel the baby grasshoppers are eager for summer! There is always a new challenge on the farm, even if it seems like an old one. Le sigh. Still we find many of the good critters like red ladybugs, and recently uncovered several praying mantis egg casings just waiting to be hatched and show them hoppers what for! They may be named for their posture, but sure could change out for the homophone of “preying” and be just as (if not more) accurate.

Your Share This Week

Oh the lettuces! Choose either red or green, and take home a romaine as well.

Spinach is a persistent favorite in your share. We happen to be wilting some with butternut squash ravioli tonight in a brown butter sauce. Ummmm, nom nom.

Radishes in a couple different varieties and both of them perfect for this week’s recipe. Or you could go to the Grey Plume this week and enjoy them there. Aren’t we fancy?

Kale is a great addition to potato soup! Use up one of those last cool days for something warm and hearty.

Colorful, tender, and an array of flavors, make a fresh salad with your Asian greens this week.

Basil and flowers, so why not make an outdoor table into an Italian streetside café table? There is no reason why not, so I expect everyone to report back that they did.

News from the Farm

Once again we have had the challenge of getting the planting, weeding and harvesting done in between rain. The cool spring has been wonderful for the cool weather crops but the tomatoes and green peppers would sure like a little sunshine to get their juices flowing.

As Amber mentioned we are being challenged by grasshoppers once again. The outside environment has been harsh on those critters so we think they have sent out the word that the high tunnel is an excellent place to live given the warmth and dryness. We have been researching every piece of literature we can find for organic products that will help us. So far we have Neem, I mentioned that last week and now this week we are going introduce a fungs to the soil that is supposed to help us get rid of them.

So much for the downside, The upside is that our lettuces, spinaches, radishes and greens are thriving. The broccoli, kohlrabi, cabbages and carrots are all making great headway as well. This is our fifth week into the six week Spring Share and we have gotten very nice feedback from you all. Thank you.

We have now sold produce to Kitchen Table, Grey Plume and Block 16 and are proud of working into the resturant scene in Omaha. The chefs we are working with have been very strong support for the local farmers from Lincoln to Atlantic. Omaha has become a center for good food. Our next challenges are to get local food into the school lunch programs. There are several organizations that are working on that.

Here’s hoping that you have a great weekend although the weather forecast doesn’t look to be in our favor.

Take Care,

Farmer Denise, Farmer Amber and Farmer to be Kate

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