Spring share #4

Rain, mud, wind, and sun! We are an all-weather farm, and all the aspects of our operations love a different part of it. The cool rain made some of your greens sweeter, the sun that followed the rain made some of your greens spicier, and the wind made it just dry enough to get some of those cleanly out of the dirt and mud.

Your Share This Week

Have you figured out if it makes your pee smell funny yet? Asparagus!

The pretty, tender leaf lettuce has returned for your salads.

Here is the spinach you missed so much. Don’t forget you can blanch and freeze it if you want it for your off-season use.

Radishes so bright red you almost think they are an apple.

Have you given your kale a massage yet? Tear the leaves into tiny bites, mix together some citrus like lemon or lime juice, some salt (sea or kosher or table), and some oil (like olive) and just rub that mixture into the leaves. Keep it in a closed container in the fridge for whenever you want to enjoy it!

It’s a tiny bit spicy! It’s arugula! I really wanted to make an “are you . . .?” joke somehow with arugula, but I just couldn’t make it work. If you figure one out, please let me know.

Microgreens and flowers for a lively garnish to your food and your table.

News from the Farm

This long cool, rainy May has been so good for the cool weather crops. My goodness, they just keep growing and growing and growing! We have had just enough dry in between to be able to get a little weeding done and a little more planting. I am upset with the rabbits though, they seem to take a little more than they really need.

It seems as though we are getting down the practice of succession planting. We just keep planting and planting when the weather allows and I feel that we are keeping ahead just a bit. I saw my first grasshoppers today – remember last year, they seemed to terrorize the plants and the people. I think that our high tunnel warms up the soil just enough and it is dry enough so they can thrive there. I went through the tunnel today and applied Neem, an organic treatment that comes from India and is in the evergreen family – hopefully that will keep them at bay.

We are putting out the notice that it is time to sign up for the summer share if you are so inclined. We have anticipated doubling our numbers (we did for spring) so have planted enough for many more families.

Our produce is being used by several area restaraunts – Block 16 and Kitchen Table. There are a good number of dining out places in Omaha that are supporting the local farmers. I just wish I had time to go enjoy a meal there. Maybe someday…..

Until Next Week…

Farmers Denise, Amber and Kate

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