Spring share #3

We are already halfway through spring! With the rains followed by sun, we are reaching that time of the season where so much can happen in such a little bit of time. Denise spent an extra couple of hours hobnobbing with Al Gore this week and came back to 2 foot tall asparagus! And we can’t stop weeding for a second, or there is a bright green carpet on all our pretty brown dirt. With the urgency of the season pressing down on us all, please keep in mind that if you are going to miss picking up your share for any reason it would be very helpful to give us a call or arrange a friend to pick it up for you. Denise can be reached on her cell phone at 712-249-3197, and we are known to be understanding folk. We cannot always arrange an alternative site for you to retrieve your items after the delivery times, however, so the best solution is designating a friend to retrieve it for you or having us donate it to other share members as extras. We sure appreciate your cooperation, it really does help to make our delivery days as smooth as possible!

Your Share This Week

Asparagus keeps coming, a whole half pound this time. Roast it up or grill it with a bit of olive oil and pepper.

Head Lettuce in green and red, good old Two Star and Oscarde varieties!

You get your pick from two different types of pac chois this week, either Mei Quing or Win Win. Stir fry, anyone?

Radishes are ever at the ready, and ready for the recipe this week.

Kale is here, but not fully grown. These young leaves will be tender and just perfect in this week’s recipe.

Did you miss the rhubarb? If you tried our spicy recipe last time, hows about you enjoy this tart stem the way the early European settlers did and make a pie or crisp.

Mint and flowers to perk up a tasty beverage and your table, respectively.

News from the Farm

This week you will be meeing Kate Dorsey who will be interning with us for the next eight weeks. Kate comes from St. Louis and is anticipating a major contribution in weed pulling along with many other tasks at the farm. Yea, Kate!

The pac chois you are getting this week have a few holes in them. The flea beetles have been hungry but have been somewhat kept at bay with the rains. We are continually learning new techniques to keep the insects off our beautiful produce. The rabbits have been busy too and have chewed off a few cabbages and kohlrabis but we are now covering them every night. Extra work but we are not into sharing with them. They have enough out there in the fields to feast on!

Everything is growing, growing, growing – that of course includes the weeds. Amber and I are grateful that Kate has arrived so we can share the wonderful job with her. The tomatoes finally got planted in the past couple of days. Look for them to be a part of the share about mid July.

Amber mentioned that I hobnobbed with Al Gore. I was in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Tuesday to participate in The Climate Reality Project. I was on a panel with others talking about the effects of industrial agri-business on the land and the people. I have been vocal on this subject for a very long time and appreciated the opportunity to speak to an audience of 400 people from around the United States about this issue.

Can you believe that it is already halfway through our Spring Share? We appreciate your participation in our  CSA business. We are getting the forms ready for the Summer CSA  and hope that those of you that have just joined us for Spring will join us for the summer and invite your friends as well.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch with us. We are enjoying visiting with you all on Sunday when you stop for your produce.

Take Care, Farmer Denise, Farmer Amber and Beginning Farmer Kate

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