Fall share #4

That went fast! If you think spring cleaning is a thing, you should see how farmers do fall cleaning. Every bit of fruit left on a vine is dozens of potential volunteer plants the following year, so we have stripped down and you get the extra benefits. This is our fall sendoff, and if you didn’t get a bounty box, it may be the last time you see us in 2015. Goodbyes are hard, so let’s just say “see you in the spring.”

Your Share This Week

One more Slicer Tomato. It’s so hard to say goodbye!

The small tomatoes can offer each member another ten. Try not to countdown as you eat them because THIS IS THE LAST!!!

Peppers have some color, but you are getting your choice of seven this week because it includes a lot of unripened greens. Conduct a kitchen counter science experiment to see if you can get them to turn. Or use them in a chili!

Green head lettuce and radishes hold the promise of another delicious salad. The LAST SALAD.

Snag-a-squash includes varieties like buttercup, butternut, grey kabocha, hubbard, and pie pumpkin. These will store well, but you can also steam and puree them for the freezer. We love to use winter squash and pumpkin puree in our winter chilis. It tones down the spice and makes the texture super velvety.

Garlic is also essential for chili. Have we convinced you yet?

Last week the large shares got them, this week everyone gets to try the kalettes. These are a cross between kale and Brussels sprouts, so you are basically getting an intsy head of kale. We suggest tossing them with olive oil, sprinkling a few pinches of kosher salt, and spreading them on a baking sheet for about 10 minutes in a 450 degree oven. They make a yummy crunchy side that goes great with grilled protein.

Larges are still special, getting napa cabbage and Brussels sprouts. Remember that cabbages store remarkably well in the crisper, so feel free to enjoy these a couple of weeks from now when, *sniff*, when you realize it is OVER!

One more farewell flower, and some parsley and sage to drown out the taste of your own tears. Au Revoir!

News from the Farm

Wow, Amber only gave me a tiny space for my wrap up! Oh well, I am at a conference in eastern Iowa and only have time to say farewell until next time. We will see those of you that ordered turkeys and bounty boxes on November 23rd otherwise it will be next spring that you will hear from us. Or rather late winter when it is time to sign up again.

We hope you had a great fall and that our winter will be mild but with snow. I want to get out my xcountry skiis sometime!

Take Care and Stay Healthy,  Farmer Denise and Farmer Amber

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