Fall share #3

Frost finally hit, but none too hard. The high tunnel goodies are a bit diminished, but not altogether gone. The outdoor plants are of the variety that will appreciate the extra chill and use it to develop their sugars and taste even more delicious when they come to you. The beauty of eating seasonably is appreciating this ephemera. Tomatoes are still here, but not tasting exactly like they did in August. Still, tasting amazing because it is a fresh tomato in November! And brassicas that were perfectly delectable in the summer are getting an extra jolt of flavor from the frost. Take the time to appreciate that even if we give you the same item as last week, you never eat the same thing twice.

Your Share This Week

Two Slicer Tomatoes because TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

The small tomatoes are still plentiful enough for you to get fifteen.

Peppers are down to three per member. Color developments are slowing waaaaay down.

Green head lettuce and salad turnips will make a perfect preface for your evening meal. Large shares get some extra

This is some of our most gorgeous broccoli yet! A third-pound of florets for everyone

Two starches this week: sweet potatoes and fingerling potatoes!

So good for you, garlic brings the flavor.

Large shares get both, but everyone else can choose between apples or kohlrabi. Try not to hurt anyone’s feelings in your selection!

Large shares are also getting a bag of kalettes (these are teeny tiny kale heads that are extra sweet and flavorful) and Brussels sprouts. Try not to be jealous, small shares! Roast or saute them together!

With el dia de los muertos coming, the last of the marigolds from the low tunnel. Use them for your altar or just for some fall color.

News from the Farm

Whew! We again missed a hard frost – we can continue to harvest and deliver produce! I looked at the temperature for this day a year ago – the low was 23*. Brrr…… I hope we don’t see that temp for a while yet.

This has been an exceptional year and we hope we haven’t set you all up for  years when the produce may not be as bountiful. I marvel each day I go out to the field and see things still growing. In some ways it is a little disconcerting to think that this may be the coming trend.

As I was packing the apples today I noticed that they are definitely past the crunchy, crispy stage and will be wonderful made into applesauce or eaten as a baked apple. I can always sense the smells of apple and cinnamon wafting through the house.

We are putting the finishes on our greenhouse. I am anticipating the spring when we can plant our seed for next year’s production. There are challenges with greenhouse management so I will once again be stretching my brain cells to understand what I need to know and to learn to be a good manager.

Truthfully, I am looking forward to slower more reflective time. The winter season will give the soil and our bodies a rest from intense activity. There will be many activities for Amber and I attending conferences and workshops on issues ranging from growing produce to how to market said produce.

Today is a gray, slightly cool day and it makes me think about the sunshine of the past summer and what an interesting year it has been. One more more week and we will be officially say goodbye to the Fall Share. We will see those of you who have ordered turkeys and bounty boxes on November 23rd.

Until Next Week……..

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