Fall Share #1

As a first frost threatens us, we welcome you to the Fall CSA! Your support of our farms  means you get access to organically-grown vegetables each week, and we get to use your advance payment to purchase seeds for next year and equipment to assist us in our endeavors. It really means so much that you put your trust in our farms – our families appreciate it.

Each week we will strive to give you seven different vegetable varieties. Some will be perfect for fresh eating, some for longer storage if you can’t get to it this week. We also want to provide an herb or other flavor-enhancer, and a flower while they are safe from frost). We will give you advance notice (in the form of this very newsletter) of what to expect, and it will include recommendations for use and storage, plus a recipe and news from the farm. Our CSA philosophy is based on farmer-consumer interaction, so please give us feedback by email or in person at pickup, or tag us on Facebook (you can find and “like” both our farms there). We are looking forward to sharing the season with you!
Your Share This Week

There was just enough summer left to ripen two Slicer Tomatoes for everyone! You can use fresh tomatoes in this week’s recipe if they aren’t destined for a BLT.

The small tomato variety-grab includes mini romas, pink bumblebee plums, yellow pear, and sun gold cherry, black cherry, and five star grape. Select fifteen of these beauties, and add them to the recipe if you like!

Pick-a-Pepper (which is actually Pick-Three-Peppers) includes cayennes, poblanos, sweet banana, carmen, various bells, and lunchbox.

Choose a head of either green or red lettuce.

Any lettuce salad would enjoy the addition of these cute red Rudolph radishes.

Everyone gets a hefty two-pound bag of sweet potatoes for this week’s recipe!

Garlic is also needed for the recipe.

Large shares get a bit more than everyone else, and this week they get two brassicas: broccoli and kohlrabi.

Everyone gets some thyme to compliment the recipe, and a pretty “welcome to fall” flower.

A few words about your fresh vegetables

Everything you enjoy in your CSA share was grown in a certified organic high tunnel or elsewhere on the farm which has practiced organic methods for over thirty-five years. Everything has been harvested in the last two days, so your foods are full of those beneficial phytochemicals you’ve heard tell of. Make sure to wash items before preparing or serving, as we keep the healthy soil on them to ensure they stay fresher as they make their way to your table. If you’d like to assist us in our mission to use as little disposible items as possible, save any plastic bags and clamshells you get from us and return them washed for reuse. We will give you a farm-fresh high-five for your trouble. Large bags or coolers are a great way to get your haul home, so bringing one or two of those will surely make your pickup days a little easier. Especially as the weather heats up, make sure to properly store and cool your veggies when you get it home. And please do share your successful uses of our produce with us! We love to get new ideas and hear how you are enjoying your membership.

News From the Farm

Hello again! Welcome to those of you who are just joining and welcome back to those of you who have been with us throughout the season.

Great news – we were spared the frost so we will continue to get those frost sensitive crops like tomatoes and peppers. That’s good news if you aren’t tired of them by now. I know I am going to enjoy continuing to eat them.

I believe I will finish planting today. I will do one more planting of the salad turnips for your enjoyment – most likely in the Bounty Boxes we are offering for Thanksgiving.  We are still giving you time to get your Thanksgiving order in, but be quick or you will miss out on a wonderful fresh turkey for that Thanksgiving table or if you chose, you can freeze on for your Christmas table.  Until Next Week……

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