New Arrival!


Week of August 16, 2010

Dear All,

On August 10, 2010 at 12:21 p.m. Lucy Skye Harris was born to Trevor and Emily Harris. Molly Jade Harris welcomed her sister and took on her new role as big sister. Lucy was 6 pounds and 14 ounces and is doing very well. Larry and I have had three grandchildren in the past nine months. We are happy that all are well and growing like babies should.

I hope that everyone survived the heat wave in good shape. Let’s hope that is all there is for the summer of 2010. What a pleasure it was to wake up to sixty degree weather the past two mornings.

Thanks to all of you who returned your comment cards. Your input is very helpful as we determine what crops to plant or not to plant. We have tried hard to give you good produce but there have been times when things haven’t been so presentable. The potatoes, onions, lettuce and carrots have presented problems. Some of the onions have spoiled, the potatoes have been subpar in appearance, the lettuce has been wilted and many of you said the carrots are not mature enough. On the other hand, most of you have loved the beans, broccoli and sweet corn. And I know that we gave you too much cabbage.

With the comments in mind, I will work on getting you better produce. I know, of course, that you understand the weather must cooperate and unfortunately it is very rare when we have a “perfect” summer!

I go to several meetings a year where CSA producers share their expertise and skills with each other. You have given me several things to talk to others about. It is always about how to improve. Learning never stops no matter how old one is.

With that said, I have been planting seeds for the fall crops and have been concerned that the heat and now no rain will effect what we will have to offer. We do have irrigation and have yet to put it to use. The forecast is calling for rain tonight and tomorrow and guess what; we can really use it now!

This Week’s Produce:


Green/Purple Beans


Sweet Red Peppers


Summer Squash

Eggplant (not all will get this week)


You are getting today and have been getting for the last couple of weeks, a sweet red pepper called Carmen. This is the description from Johnny’s Seeds, the company where most of my seed purchases are made:

A beautiful new pepper of the Italian “bulls horn” (corno di toro) type from Johnny’s owners and plant breeders Janika Eckert and Rob Johnston. Carmen has a lovely sweet taste for salads and roasting, especially when partially or fully red-ripe. To be selected as a 2006 All-America Selections winner, Carmen was judged superior by official AAS judges across the U.S. and Canada.

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