This is a method for freezing roasted red peppers in their own juice.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need:

  1. After the roasted peppers have cooled, hold each one over a bowl to catch the juice, pull off the skin, then pull out the cores and attached seeds. Drop the skins and cores into the catch bowl with the juice. Cut open each pepper and scrape out any remaining seeds into the catch bowl. Put the cleaned peppers into a second bowl.
  2. Set the wire strainer over the bowl containing the cleaned peppers, and tip the skins, cores, seeds and juice into the strainer. Press the stuff in the strainer gently with the back of a spoon so that all the juice drains over the cleaned peppers. Discard the stuff in the strainer.
  3. Divide the cleaned peppers among several rigid freezer containers. Pour the juice from the bowl over the peppers. Cover the containers with tight fitting lids, mark them with the date, and freeze.

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