Denise O'Brien and Larry Harris
Denise O'Brien and Larry HarrisThe Farmers at Rolling Acres
We have been involved with organic production and cultivating local food for 43 years. Larry is a fifth generation farmer and we live on the farm where he grew up. During our farming career we have mentored many potential farmers helping them learn the skills they need for farming. Denise is a founder of Women, Food and Agriculture Network, has run for office from local to state and served a year in Afghanistan as an Agriculture Adviser for the U. S. Department of Agriculture.
Trevor Harris
Trevor HarrisOur Son
Molly Jade
Molly JadeOur Granddaughter
Lucy Skye
Lucy SkyeOur Granddaughter
Emily Harris
Emily HarrisMolly & Lucy Skye's Mom
Briana and Kevin
Briana and KevinOur Daughter and Son-in-Law
LylaOur Granddaughter
ZekeOur Grandson