Fall is Coming


Week of August 23, 2010

Dear All,

Great news! The radishes, lettuce, green onions, broccoli and even the beets are germinating, giving us the promise of fall crops. The last bit of rain was gentle and the seeds responded accordingly. It is quite exciting to see the beets poke through the soil. Now the issue will be to keep the deer at bay.

I have been reading through all the comments and appreciate you what have said. Not surprisingly kale remains at the bottom of the “like” list. We still have some out in the garden and will give those of you who wish to take it, the opportunity to do so.

The carrots have been disappointing as many of you have stated. We have been giving you the immature ones when we are thinning rather than throw them in the compost, but I am thinking they should just be compost or turkey feed. This week we will have carrots – it will be your choice if you want to take them or not. I did not have problems like this last year. Two years ago I couldn’t even get carrots to germinate! They do not germinate well in warm soil so getting them in early is a must.

Now that we have the cooler working, the lettuce should be in better shape. The rain was really hard on it and again, perhaps we should have used it in the compost pile rather than give you an inferior product. It is always a guessing game.

This week you will be receiving grapes from the Armstrong Farm. For those of you who don’t know, the Armstrong Farm near Lewis is a research farm. They have been experimenting with grape varieties so we are the recipients of their abundant crop. I have been eating them since I picked them up and they are delicious!

Raspberries – given the short supply, because of phytopheria root rot, we are giving everyone a quart as we pick them. Last week you all received a pint. We are going down the list of members and giving them accordingly. Those of you who didn’t get them last week will get them this week. We are guaranteeing that everyone will get at least one quart. We just don’t know how long the crop will last.

Potatoes – I have had several conversations with potato growers and there seems to be a common thread among us – a poor crop with lots of spoilage. This week you will be getting Yukon Gold, grown by Cliff Moore who farms near Adair. Cliff is as disappointed as I am in the crop, but none the less, has some nice looking potatoes. We were talking the other day and agreed that the potatoes will probably not store well so we suggest using them up and not trying to store them for very long.

I have planted a couple of hills of gourds – just for fun. We will be bringing them in a basket and you can have your pick of some interesting looking shapes and colors.

I am still holding out promise for melons. The plants don’t look well, but the fruit looks like it might be okay; same with the watermelon. I hate to keep referring to last year, but we did have a good crop. I plan to study up on melon growing this winter to see how I can do better.

If there is something that you get in your basket/bag that you do not want, please share it with someone else or give it back to us to pass on. Some of you do this already – we can always work something out.

This week’s produce:

Raspberries – for those who didn’t them get last week



Green/red sweet peppers

Tomatoes – all kinds of shapes and sizes

Potatoes – Yukon Gold from Adair


Summer squash

I have been making lots of pasta salads with all sorts of veggies included. Fareway has the best selection of whole grain pasta – what an assortment! Here are a couple of recipes for Greek Salad. They are similar and of course, you can alter it as you wish!

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