Summer share #2

This is one of those weeks where harvest just makes us so hungry for some of our favorite summer recipes. Not to mention COLOR! It is so thrilling to dig up that dark Iowa soil for these tender orange carrots, or those vibrantly rose potatoes. So think of grilling or picnicking with your bounty this week. We feel like that is what the food craves for you. If you are one of the folks that ordered chicken for the first round, bring your freezer this week!

Your Share This Week

Some of you spied those delicious exclusive carrots the large shares got last week. As promised, one pound for everyone this week! And more in that good earth waiting for you.

What could make this week’s sugar snap peas taste even better than they did last week? Thinking that they might be your last *sniff*.

Did you realize kale is in the cabbage family? This week’s recipe proposes a family reunion. And it travels well, so you can take it to yours!

They don’t stop being tasty so you get more haruki turnips.

For more color and contrast and crunch, we are also giving you some red radishes.

Just look at this pretty broccoli! Our household has some pretty strong debates about how to best handle the florets, but do not forget about that edible stem! In fact, you can shred it and add it to your slaw.

Large orders are getting a pretty blend of new gold and rose potatoes. These are perfect for adding around a roast whole, or sticking in a foil pocket for the grill, and gorsh durnit, they are so PRETTY! Larges also get some scallions, which if you haven’t tried those grilled, you have no idea how sweet they can be.

I don’t think any herb tastes more refreshing in summer than cilantro.

And as always a flower. Because you are so pretty.

News from the Farm

Well, the week started out rainy and is ending with hot, dry and humid. Welcome Summer Solstice. The sun is at its zenith and now the shadows will fall to the north.

It has been a pleasant and busy week. The farm team has been busy harvesting and weeding. The weeds come in different sizes and shapes as the summer progresses. First we had peppergrass – it is all seeded and dying now. From the looks of it we conquered that weed. I don’t see much evidence of it. The trick to weed control is getting weeds pulled before they go to seed. This morning we are dealing mostly with foxtail, amaranth and lamb’s quarters. If we get them while they are young, they are a much easier pull. Some of the lamb’s quarters got away from us and we are having to either dig them or cut them off with our tree lopers.

I personally find weeding a meditative time. I like being out there by myself listening to the birds and the wind. I am privileged to be doing what I am and having you all support the farm.

Please check your broccoli. Soak the bunch in salt water to make sure the little green loopers are flushed out of the tree like branches. We are applying organic pest control products but some get through our rigorous protocol.

Last week Rolling Acres Farm passed organic inspection, now you don’t have to just take our word about how we do things. You can be assured that your produce is the best you can buy.

We are happy to be bringing you the fruits of our labor. This year has been giving us some of the best produce ever. We are learning more and more everyday about the intricacies of the high tunnel and growing food in large quantities.

Have a wonderful Father’s Day and the Summer Solstice.

Farmer Denise, Farmer Amber and Farmer to be Kate.

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